Weather Radar Systems

On the Radar

Weather Modification, Inc. not only sells and services C-band, X-band, and S-band weather radar systems to clients around the world; we incorporate them into our own cloud seeding projects. Ranging from smaller mobile radar systems, to polarimetric Doppler research quality systems, we can meet radar needs for a wide range of customers.

Weather Radar Systems are a versatile tool for atmospheric assessment, with uses that include:

  • Rainfall estimates
  • Real-time cloud detection
  • Speed and direction of cell motion
  • Identifying precipitation location and intensity

New Single and Dual Polarized Radar Systems

Weather Modification, Inc., owns, operates, and sells new single pol and dual pol radar systems that utilize a solid state transmitters, digital receivers and antenna control systems. Configurable display software allows a wide variety of user-defined product display and analysis features.

Available antenna diameters include 3.5 meters, 4.2 meters, and 4.5 meters. Also available are new fiberglass radomes.

Refurbished Radar Systems

C-band weather radar systems with state of the art transmitter and receiver upgrades. TITAN display and analysis software are available for sale or lease. These systems come with an 8-foot antenna dish and a 12-foot fiberglass radome, and can be installed with a tower, or as a mobile unit.

Upgrade Services

We provide transmitter, receiver and antenna upgrades to nearly any type of C-band weather radar. After an assessment of your existing radar, we can recommend upgrades that allow the most modern equipment for reliability and superior data quality.